Submissions are now closed.

Please review the Entry rules even if you have entered in the past, as some rules have been updated for 2024. 

Here’s what you need to enter the 2024 Rally® Awards:

  1. Description – Write a 600 word summary description of your submission, including what it is, the strategy behind it, the target candidate audience, when it was published, goals and how you measured results. See judging criteria by category below.
    • For the Rising Star Award and Recruitment Marketer of the Year Award, you may write up to 800 words. For Rising Star, describe how they have transformed talent acquisition strategy at their company into one that’s brand-led and marketing-driven, the impact they’ve had on the organization and why they hold promise for leading our profession into the future. For Recruitment Marketer of the Year, describe how they have distinguished themselves through extraordinary leadership, business impact and pioneering work in recruitment marketing or employer branding that has established a new best practice for our industry and how they have served as a role model who lifts up everyone in our profession.
  2. Materials – Gather your supporting work examples. Include links to published work such as web pages, videos, and social media posts. You may also upload files such as .pdf, .ppt, .png, .jpg, etc. up to 50 MB in size. Also gather data to demonstrate your results and the impact your work has had. You may upload .xls files. Screenshots of analytics reports are also accepted.
  3. Contacts – If you are nominating someone other than yourself, such as members of your team or practitioners at other employers, be sure to have their contact information, including name, company name, job title, work email and phone number. Remember that up to 5 practitioners may be listed for most awards, or you can nominate the entire team.
  4. Endorsement – We require that each entry is verified by an “endorser” who will confirm the accuracy of the details and the results provided in the submission. If you work for a vendor or agency and you are nominating your client, your client contact must be the endorser of your entry. If you are nominating yourself, your manager must be the endorser of your entry. If you are nominating yourself and your team, a person senior to you who is not being nominated must be the endorser. Be sure to include the endorser’s contact information, including email and phone number, in your entry form. After you submit your final entry, they will receive an email asking them to endorse your submission. Submissions that have not been endorsed properly will not be judged and there is no refund provided.
  5. Payment – After you complete the submission form, you’ll be required to enter your payment information. You may pay through PayPal or by Credit Card. If you would like to pay by Credit Card, select Offline Credit Card and we will send you an invoice via email from QuickBooks which will allow you to pay via credit card. All payments are in US Dollars and are non-refundable.

January 31, 2024 midnight Eastern Time
Early Bird Deadline
$395 per entry + 3% payment processing fee and 3.5% judging platform fee

February 23, 2024 midnight Eastern Time (deadline extended!)
Final Entry Deadline
$495 per entry + 3% payment processing fee and 3.5% judging platform fee

Don’t let the nomination cost be an obstacle from entering. If you want to nominate your work, but don’t have the budget, please Contact Us.

The judging criteria varies between categories:

  • Most categories: quality of work, innovation and measurable results.
  • Best Content Marketing Program and Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign: articulation of strategy, quality of work, innovation and measurable results.
  • Rising Star: quality of work, innovation, collaboration with others, achievement and impact of work.
  • Recruitment Marketer of the Year: quality of work, innovation, collaboration with others, mentorship, achievement and impact of work.

Once you have written your submission, gathered your work materials, and collected the contact information of other award nominees and your endorser, then submit your entry on the Rally Awards submission website below. At any time you can save your entry and edit it before you submit it. Remember to submit by the deadline! All submissions are final.

If you have any questions, please Contact us.

Good luck!